[neighbors walk their dogs by my house]

What!? They listened to me, and are coming out with a turbo 4 1LE!? ...right as I’m shopping for this exact market, but with four doors. Son of a... Read more

Paint it green and you could go dino hunting.

XJ and miata are literally the perfect garage. I have the same combo but later examples of both. They are also actually the same car. Late 80's engineering, perfect suspension, ridiculous reliability, way too much fun, 15 year production run with a random redesign in the middle, do more than anything you can buy for 3 Read more

You’re a highly polluting death trap. Read more

But my heart keeps calling me backwards
As I get on the 707
Ridinhigh I got tears in my eyes
You know you got to go through hell
Before you get to heaven
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Victory By Design is the best thing about cars that has ever been made. Better than Top Gear, better than Senna, and better than Faster and Furiouser 16. And Alain de Cadenet is the best Alain ever (suck it, Prost). Read more

There’s something uncool about a V6 mustang, uncool as in Japanese Stratocaster uncool. It’s still good, very good, but it’s just not the real deal.

In for people complaining about the price, not realizing how much new cars cost. Read more

Did you kick ole green teeth in the knee?
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I used to do Audits of Bars and Restaurants showing NFL Sunday Ticket on Residential DirecTV accounts, which means I spent a lot of time on back roads, while cruising through the middle of nowhere in central Georgia, I actually came across a little bar called the Dew Drop Inn. And yes I did park the Jaguar in the Read more

Oooh Amanti... th Bentley of Kias! Read more

Good. Tractor engines don’t belong in passenger cars. Read more

instead of just being another racer in the game, you are a Festival leader, which means that you have far more control over the events and races than in previous Horizon games. Read more

Why do you think things are different now than they were 28 years ago when Honda offered their NX series of bikes?

It’s actually a mid-engined Corvette test mule GM tricked us again.
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No. It came with the predecessor technology: Read more

Right, because the US market is really knee-deep in large $60k coupes and sedans that Cadillac is also desperately trying to sell. Read more