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5:37 AM

possibly. That's not an outrageous scenario. Just be smart and save some for repairs, parts, insurance, etc.

4:16 AM

If you don’t have a family, go nuts man. I spent literally every cent I had on a car once. Totally worth it.

5:35 PM

God damm that is awesome. Pistons rods and crank would be hard enough but how in the hell did he make miniature carbs that actually work! Are we sure he didn't just invent a shrink ray? Probably would be easier!

1:17 AM

Negative. The 04 sti differs from the 05 in that the front differential has more of an edge on dirt and less so on street. I think the 06 got some additional things like steering wheel angle sensor for dccd, and I believe a slightly different center diff. Possibly syncho changes also to tranny. Also the dccd rate Read more

1:13 AM

Speaker level output on those amps usually is attenuated, put through a low-pass filter, and then the result is amplified for the subwoofer. Sadly, that won't help here.

2:35 AM

And in the later phantoms, use a bog standard ZF 8 speed like in a dodge ram but with custom tuning map...

8:21 PM

this is jalopnik though where something is automatically assumed to be unreliable if it is:
A) any luxury car, unless it's a Lexus, then it is described as "unkillable" up until someone actually gets one and drives it hard for one afternoon
B) American (or obviously british cars are automatically deathtraps too)
C) if it Read more

8:48 PM

Escort Redline and Max are the only ones considered to be as good or better as far as I know. No one else has the rear radar detection or the arrows the V1 has, though, which is a big thing for me personally. Escorts are more expensive than the V1 also, but are newer design and have more features Read more

10:37 PM

my grandpa, my uncle, my aunt, my dad and I all worked at the Moraine plant. And now it's gone. It could've ruined our lives but grandpa retired, my uncle got a job with Haliburton so my aunt doesn't even need to work, dad got a transfer to Kansas City and I got a job at small business. Still, the old "when the plant Read more