That feels like a parody video from 15 years ago about a gangsta rapper from the future. It’s not though ... is it?

this dude looks like a fake Onion article about 2017 rappers

My old dance teacher’s friend had, like, grown up with Reese Witherspoon or something and they were (are?) very close. Read more

I’d assume he has a time limit that he’ll pay attention to things, and she pops in around that point.

IMO she’s his guardian trying to hide his clearly deteriorating mind. Dementia/Alzheimers/frontal lobe failure etc. Same reason she went to the G20 meeting and not Orange.  

Yikes. I’ve organised numerous mailouts. The mailing houses do their work according to what I spec, and they send me samples before proceeding. This fuckup is a lot more than one person not doing their job.

Did they have these envelopes custom made or something? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an envelope window so large!

That’s just beyond fucked up. Who even manufactures envelopes with windows this big?????

What the fuck? How did no one see this and say, “Um...that’s not okay...” Before these were mailed out?

Lol what possible purpose could there be for even manufacturing an envelope with a window that large? You might as well slap a stamp right above the letter head and send your mail naked through the system.

as this is the internet, i suspect by this time next year we’ll all be driving down Freeway McRoadFace.

POOR Prince William. Dubbed “workshy” and a “part-timer” following the revelation he only works 80 hours a month as an air ambulance pilot on top of scant royal duties
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Well, I just spent 10 minutes on her Wikipedia page so I’d like to think I’m a little more of an expert on this than you are. As a Google Doctor and Wikipedia Judge, I find her guilty of complicity or something!

Jeez I must have blocked it. I remember the lottery and the affair but I always had a huge crush on Dan so it was probably too much. I am definitely curious to see what happens with a reboot but those things are treacherous.

Rogue POTUS Staff is performance art/fan fiction.

The captions really bother me. I find them very distracting. If I went to a movie in the theater and the captions were on, I might ask at the ticket window for a raincheck. But I’d totally understand it was MY issue, as a person who’s unreasonably annoyed by captions! Deaf and hard-of-hearing people should be able to Read more

Clarity of communication is not really something that Donald cares about. I believe he’s saying that the White House is moving onto other priorities after tomorrow. Apparently he’s declaring a new War on Trucks.