Sep 5 2017

Same and same. I just had to look it up and it’s about 4 hours from me but I’m still giving it all the side eye.

Aug 25 2017

No, it wasn’t letters shifting in the envelope. The window was large enough the letter could be read.

Jul 3 2017

She’s made Tweets since then and has basically re-stated this again in a linked article Tweet. The fact I now have to agree with her makes me so angry and confused.

Jul 3 2017

I saw this linked on Facebook early and was it was heartening to see the first 100ish comments out of 110 were giving NBC hell over the word choice.

Jul 3 2017

I’m not working (everyone wanted today off so they said fuck it and closed) so I’m doing a bit of my volunteer job online then heading to the beach. I’ve also been strawberry picking and to Trader Joe’s. Tomorrow maybe to a BBQ then possibly fireworks but I’m just not feeling it this year so I don’t know.

May 9 2017

I had a cookie last summer and I hallucinated for hours. I was A bridesmaid at a wedding and it was a huge mistake. Luckily the mother of the bride didn’t freak out when I apologized to her for being so high at her daughter’s wedding right before the hallucinations started. Not a good look for me. Took a solid week to Read more

Apr 17 2017

Murphy Brown. Decades later and woman are still fighting the same battles to be taken seriously.

Feb 25 2017

I like that they asked you to select all the top priorities but didn’t do it right and you can only select one. Solid work as always GOP!

Feb 21 2017

I rinsed the henna product out 6 hours later. You aren’t suppose to leave mixed henna in your hair for 48 hours.

Jan 19 2017

Been there. Our kitten was throwing up half chewed food a lot. I told her I thought he was eating to fast. Did a few hundred dollars worth of test at her insistence. Walk to to get him and she tells me she thinks he is eating too fast. Thanks for the medical advice!

Jan 17 2017

I let trainees try on me. I know so many people have a problem with needles and I’m sure lots of people say no. I don’t have an issue with needles so I figure why not.

Jan 12 2017

I’ve been the victim in this situation and it is a good feeling to know someone believes you. In my case it was a new employee and I had been there for a while. His second day he made a comment in front of the owner. He didn’t do anything and a couple of hours later I told my male manager I wasn’t comfortable sitting Read more

Dec 12 2016

I have the feeling though your reason is less about dating a Prince than her’s is.

Nov 30 2016

I didn’t grow for 12ish until 22. And in the last 12 years I have grown 2". I grew .5" from June-October this year and freaked the nurse out at the medical study I am doing. I get growing pains and everything. Read more