Dec 10

As always, where the hydrogen is actually coming from fails to be mentioned. Hydrogen well-to-wheel efficiency is very poor compared to BEV. Around 1/3 the efficiency. Read more

Nov 21 2019

Oh... my... God... Becky. Look at those wheels! They are so... big, it looks like one of those rap guys’ cars. But ya know, who understand those rap guys? They only drive them because, they need to fit more prostitutes, ‘kay? I mean, those wheels are so big. I can’t believe they are just so round, they are like out Read more

Aug 22 2019

I think the funniest part of the Mercedes Illuminated star is that you can only get it if you cheap out on options that really matter, like adaptive cruise and automatic emergency braking. You are literally making your MB shittier from the factory for the sake of adding the “look at me” emblem.

Jan 21 2017

Population density matters a great deal for high speed rail to be viable. Most of the US isn’t densely populated.