Zeust the Mepsuan
5:01 PM

Well yeah but... This one is a literal criminal, and not exactly a petty one. And he’s gonna be the supreme authority on who’s q criminal and who isn’t. So we might see an effective decriminalisation of something that is already way too often seen through the fingers despite being one of the most unforgivable crimes Read more

4:53 PM

I was gonna do so many things this weekend. I did... absolutely zilch. Ok, I did the laundry and got briberie groceries, but that’s it. I’m fine though, pretty great actually, recently joineda group of people who are filling up my evenings with fun activities :D Read more

10:58 AM

I’m not up to much either. I was planning to clean my room today, I guess my presence here reveals how I’m procrastinating on that. Read more

5:36 AM

I don’t think school uniforms are particularly a thing in the Netherlands, thank goodness. I mean, I see the upside of not being able to gain status from expensive clothes, but it doesn’t outweigh the inability to choose your own clothing style. I guess the latter could be somewhat fixed if different schools in the Read more

2:41 PM

Well I’d much rather be that cow than being stuck packed together so densely with a load of others...

6:50 AM

All the best wishes to you and your grandparents! At least they’re safe, that’s the most important thing. I get that losing their house may still be very disastrous, but it’s out of your and their hands at this point so no use in worrying. I hope you can let that go for now and make the best of it.

2:57 AM

I feel he will eventually put the launderers in the laundry and keep their money for himself.

6:31 PM

It’s true that no system can perfectly achieve the goals of democracy, I haven’t believed otherwise since society lessons in highschool. I also agree with you that it’s still the closest thing we’ve got to a good system. I’m impartial about instant runoff vs electoral college voting if both are implemented in a Read more

6:37 PM

Just when I think I’m already expecting the worst possible of the USA, they manage to surprise me with even deeper lows. At least they made a law to fix this one now (let’s hope it’s effective) but damn... I have no words for it.

7:05 PM

Shouldn’t Scotland be happy about this? I mean he just forfeited the last bit of credibility with which he could call himself Scottish...

1:05 PM

Today marks my first swim in the sea this year, which is always a yearly milestone :D It’s still pretty cold and I couldn’t stay in for more than 5 minutes at a time though. Still went back in repeatedly after drying up each time.

6:20 PM

I’m kinda out of touch too. I’m pretty sure I’ve never even heard anything from some band that would be my number one favourite if I had. The upside is that there’ll always be plenty of pleasant surprises left awaiting me :D Read more

6:16 PM

I think my grandmother’s parents did too. She was still a child and has memories of sleeping next to a “hidden” child. But I don’t know any further details.