2Fast2Furious: Rotary Powered
2:42 PM

Understandable, I went big money with a Google pixel 3 several months ago and since the Bold N1 and pixel 3a came out ive been kicking myself for not waiting and getting one of those

1:02 PM

Unrelated since you have already bought the device but for 250$ you could get the bold N1, which is a surprisingly feature packed budget device with sd expansion, amoled display and in screen fingerprint sensor.

9:20 PM

Sure for you, but to claim with no idea the condition of this car that you might as well just settle for either A, losing money when you sell it down the line, or B losing its cosmetic appeal, you want to be made whole again.

6:50 PM

Is cosmetic damage just not considered actual damage if the car is "old or cheap"?, Someone damaged your property, therefore they owe you, if the damaged done costs several thousand to fix, they owe you several thousand or a payout. You shouldnt take 500$ if you took good care of your car too help someone out if it

9:34 PM

while I usually prefer the surface to the apple equivalent because of the cost and the fact the surface runs win10 over a mobile based os like ios on the ipads, i would rather have a more mechanical keyboard and have enjoyed the few minutes I’ve spent with display surface laptop models, all things aside I’m too poor