12/14/20 10:59AM

I wonder how many Tacoma buyers are just people who regularly need to haul shit, but don’t need or want the size/power of the F-150. Whenever I see an F-150 in the affluent city I live in, it’s a spotless crew cab some clown can’t street park. Whenever I see a Tacoma it’s got the bed covered or a bunch of tools in the Read more

8/21/20 10:32AM

Wrangler owner here. It gets tiresome constantly trying to time the wave, gauge whether or not the other one will wave first or at all based on model and driver demographic, accidentally missing a return wave and feeling like an asshole, and the embarrassing feeling of waving without getting one in return. Read more

8/21/20 8:42AM

Lol this is great. Of course Ford wisely withheld this info until right after the TRX reveal.  They just took all the wind out of Stellantissses sails, and probably half the future buyers.

8/21/20 8:28AM

You’re not weird, you’re deaf. The V6 in the Raptor is one of the most terrible-sounding and out-of-place exhaust notes ever to emanate from a vehicle.  I was in love with the Raptor until I heard one of the V6 ones, and now I have nothing but disdain for the current generation despite it being mechanically improved Read more

8/20/20 9:42PM

I think Kyle’s use of this slur is an extension of the cesspool that is online gaming. My guess is he and his friends actually used terms like that it all the time, along with the tens of thousands of bro’s who populate this particular swamp. Kyle’s problem is the real world was peaking in and he showed a little too Read more

8/20/20 8:47PM

Because people enjoy fast things that may not be practical? So only boring people can have large genitals? And why so focused on others penises?

8/20/20 7:40PM

Yeah, were I a buyer, your brand’s “heritage” means sweet fuck all to me, at best. At worst, I’m going to look at Mopar’s “heritage” of horrible build quality.

8/20/20 5:37PM

Ford: Well you still have your mirrors when the doors are removed, so the Bronco is better than the Wrangler. Read more

8/20/20 8:14AM

I saw the headline and the price tag and actually snorted.  I didn’t read another goddam word.  It wasn’t worth that when it was new, even if that was the price tag. Read more

8/18/20 12:51PM

Prominently featured on the dash were a row of hand buttons for locking the front or rear differentials, or engage Trail Turn Assist”

8/17/20 8:42PM

He seriously put duct tape all over his $60K+ truck because he was afraid someone might mess with the tailgate? Why even bother then? I mean... the duct tape would damage the paint.

8/10/20 7:51PM

This ruling is based purely on emotion. Drivers really don’t meet the standard of being employees. They aren’t scheduled like employees, they aren’t accountable like employees, and they aren’t paid like employees. The design of rideshare platforms and the appeal to a large number of drivers is to let you make extra Read more