200 Touring
Oct 21

The power kneeling system, drops the vehicle lower so that the angle of the ramp to get into the car is less steep. It can be disengaged if we are parked near a sidewalk or something. 

Oct 21

Well it IS a Kavanaugh-like character assassination, but only because it sounds like he’s pretty much a Kavanaugh-like character.

Oct 21

Seen from Europe, the way Americans treat themselves in regard to the truths you spill here remain baffling. I just can't get my head around how people can repeatedly vote against their interests.

Oct 21

You’re not getting political. You’re revealing a fundamental compassion/moral compass.

Thanks to Tom for letting us into this, I’d never have thought about this issue otherwise and I like to think I try to consider the struggles others may face.

Oct 21

Yup. Call me a commie all day long if you like, but in a country as rich as this one every single person should have access to the basic necessities of life. That means food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, and mobility. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but nobody should be hungry, thirsty, homeless, ignorant, sick, Read more

Oct 21

Bravo on the new purchase, the past few years of Honda’s are finally edging out the Siennas in overall quality and styling IMHO (I own a 07 and 11 Sienna.. jury is out on my next van). I feel for you and your wife- the added expense of the conversion is no small thing. Read more

Oct 19

Never forget that it was Bolton who refused to save America by testifying during Trump’s impeachment because he was busy pushing his bullshit book. Read more

Oct 19

My wife likes “Little House on the Prairie” and she was watching the first season again the other day. There was an episode where the dad (played by Michael Landon) was asleep and missed church because he had been working 18 hours a day the previous six days providing for his family (two jobs AND all the farm work at Read more

Oct 18

Methamphetamines? I would have never guessed, no wait, that’s exactly what I have and will always guess about white supremacists and militias. Just like the Old Fuhrer and the New Fuhrer.

Oct 17

White people lose their minds over the stupidest shit.  All the actual injustices in the world, and the thing that inspires violent kidnapping plots is being asked to take the most basic of precautions during a global pandemic.

Oct 16

I don’t think the Democratic Party is immune to implosion in the grand scheme of things, but I think it’s diverse enough and has enough capacity for internal conflict that the entire party being pushed to some crazy fringe views is unlikely anytime soon. Read more