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If Paul Nehlen were to run for something again, they wouldn’t reinstate his account either. He’s even been banned from Gab. Imagine how toxic you need to be to be banned from Gab. 

I really wish they went with more comic based character models. As its so clear they want the models to look like the movies but because its closer they look worse. Also the fact this is a live service game makes this an automatic NOPE from me. I refuse to get into a Live Service game.

It’s not that I want “on brand,” it’s that they look just close enough to the MCU characters that the faces are jarring. That’s why I think they look like off-brand versions, but if they did a total reimagining it would probably look a lot better to me. Sort of like a MCU version of uncanny valley, I suppose.

I guarandamntee the writer didn't want this. 

if the Spider-Man game taught us anything, costumes are a dime a dozen.

20. Call of Duty Modern Warfare - DS Trilogy
19. Call of Duty: Roads To Victory
18. Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified
17. Call of Duty 3
16. Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
15. Call of Duty: Ghosts
14. Call of Duty
13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
12. Call of Duty: WWII
11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2020)
10. Call of Read more

The absolute best things about these slideshows is that if you accidentally click on the play button of any youtube vid in 1 slide, it will continue to play right through all of your other slides. Fantastic site design, really loving it!

From worst to best so you do not have to click though the slides.  Read more

The problem with the look is that they can’t seem to decide if they’re straying from the movie look or not. Everything seems to go just close enough without actually being the MCU — I’d much rather they just went more toward comic book looks for the costumes and completely abandoned the MCU look.

Anyone going to take one for the team and just post the ranking in the comments section?
Fuck slideshows.

I’m still back at the basic problem with Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel. How does she have her name (or symbol) without the original Ms. Marvel around? Did Carol get promoted to Captain and fly off into space? Perhaps it’s discussed and just not part the beta. Read more

I posted the exact same thing. If you aren’t gonna use the actors you gotta go REALLY far from their looks so it doesn’t look like a cheap knock-off. Black Widow is especially cringey. They also should have gone back into Comic canon to get costumes that looked nothing like the movie costumes to give the game a unique Read more

And when we finally get a new FF movie... for the love of God make The Thing full-on CG and base him on this...

You can’t have a Marvel Universe without the Fantastic Four

I think you’re right—but I also think the folks genuinely making the decisions aren’t thinking in terms of maximizing happiness or power across society in general in the long run.

Yeah, but I think it’s unwise to. Post WW2 when they were poor and desperate it perhaps made some sense to ignore pollution but as they develop a wealthy and large middle class both the pollution and the harms get rapidly larger and more expensive. Better to be a coughing factory worker than a starving peasant, but Read more

It is not more difficult fo skip fossil fuels and go straight to the greener stuff. Whole regions in Africa and India are doing this where they did not have access to electricity from a grid so they went straight to wind and solar as energy sources, cutting cost and delivering electricity in record time. Read more