19b4 / austin hates Herbs
Aug 18

That’s what EVERYONE at G/O kept telling Jim Spanfeller and Jim “scabspin” Rich, but the Jims demanded it sooooooo

Aug 15

Speaking of things that suck, losing another editor this week really, really sucks. It doesn’t sound like Natalie is getting an exit post so uh, I guess this’ll do. Read more

Aug 13

Those who write articles are not those who make decisions at G/O Media — the three people responsible for the downward spiral in the past year are: Jim “is a Herb” Spanfeller, Angela “Liability" Persuad, and Jim "Scabspin" Rich.

Aug 10

The problem is that there isn’t supposed to be a narrative in left wing politics that would make someone unsuitable for office by dint of having been in accident or seeking any given quantity of damages from an insurance company (of all things) as a result. I get that this guy is a Republican, and that that’s a Read more

Aug 9

rule of thumb is that pretty much any Giz or Lifehacker article will have:

1) at least three regular trolls
2) a flood of checkerboard/fresh spawns being dorks

still happens at Kotaku from time to time but we regulars work really hard to shout them down.

Aug 7

According to Gizmodo's Tom, half of video departments were canned. As in, half of the sites lost their video teams -- 12 staffers in all, including Gizmodo's own producers.

Aug 7

Here’s hoping that the diaspora continues to thrive and grow. Watching Defector.com (Barry’s deadspin crew) and Discourse dot Blog (Splinter News team) with great interest.

Jul 28

Hack it and play the unreleased Saints Row game that devs uploaded last year! Or check out some of the very cool emulators. I use mine to play NetHack :P

Jul 27

Dynamic ad networks (“real tine bidding”) was what Jim Spanfeller resorted to after firing the entire Kinja Advertising team in April 2019. Revenue cratered, so Spanfeller doubled, then quadrupled the number of ads per page. In an especially egregious moment, Spanfeller placed autoplaying video ads with sound on every Read more