Jul 10

Ramsey’s first tip should be don’t throw money away giving to churches that are usually sitting on piles of cash and literally sitting on multi-million dollar properties. 

Jul 9

Great idea, go listen to some old Car Talk to get in the mood for a collective. Just don’t drive like my brother.

Jun 30

I haven’t been active on Facebook for years because I want quality content in my life not viral garbage, so I’m happy automakers are now coming around to this view. Read more

Jun 29

That’s a pretty important distinction, thanks for pointing it out! 

Jun 26

AHU’s like that don’t weigh very much. I’ve had 3,200 pounds of HSS braces in the bed of my work F150. Sometimes you just can’t wait for a real truck. I’ve also towed my 12'x60' office trailer with my E350 van. Readers on this site don’t understand that sometimes shit’s gotta get done yesterday.

Jun 24

It’s worse than that though, because trucks have some legitimate and serious differences in powertrain design that aren’t duplicated in any other mainstream class of vehicles. Read more

Jun 11

NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli, who’s so incensed by this politically correct bullshit that he’s taking his bigoted ball and going home. Read more

Jun 9

Southern guy with roots dating back there to the 1700's and with ancestors who fought for the confederacy. Time for the fucking flag to go. Nobody in my family flew it or displayed it. Growing up it was always the most racist pieces of shit who had those things. The people displaying them now have absolutely zero clue Read more

Jun 5

3) Get lots of calls and sell within a week or 2, 99% of which will be from tire-kicking idiots who seem to spend their entire day wasting time on auto classified sites. Read more

Jun 4

Those old chevy interiors... man it brings back memories. Always dusty and dirty looking no matter how much armor all is applied, dank with the smell of eternity cologne and vanilla trees. Read more

May 28

I’m afraid you’ve misjudged me. David is not making any claims to be an expert. The tone of this story is not, “Look at how awesome I am.” The tone is, “Look how stupid this was.” And it was stupid. I know it’s stupid. You know it’s stupid. David knows it’s stupid. Everybody knows its stupid. If you can’t laugh at the Read more

Apr 24

$20 to $20,000 is quite a range. I wonder what you’d have to do to qualify at the low end of that. “Your transmission could have killed you, but in your case that would have been a benefit to society so you only get $20.”

Apr 22

It’s pretty typical “I don’t have anything else to write about” Erik fodder.  You get used to it after awhile.  There’s literally nothing to be gleaned from all the words he typed.

Mar 24

It was pouring rain here this morning and out of curiosity I asked Alexa if it would rain today, she/it said no, so you’re saying this level of excellence may be diminished somewhat moving forward?

Mar 24

I have no issues with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard owning a building and I think they’re being really good landlords by not charging rent for April. It’s decent and I wish my apartment complex would do the same. Read more