17 Seconds
Apr 9

My favorite automotive subculture is among the most exclusive. People who buy cars that aren’t grey, black or white. 

Apr 9

The fools didn’t realize that in the future people would want side windows that have the visibility of a gunport. 

Apr 7

Bikes aren’t safe but one of the things that make them a bit “safer” is the ability to twist the throttle and get out of a bad spot or get away from some tailgating drivers. 

Apr 7

That little aircooled 350 produces an impressive 20.2 horsepower and 19 lb-ft of torque. Maybe not enough for me to be comfortable on the highway, but as an around town machine, or the twisty road carver, this would probably serve quite well.” Read more

Mar 24

Except that the residents of DC have always wanted representation. And they should have it.

Mar 11

This Desert Sled will look great in front of hipster bars in Brooklyn!

Mar 7

The flag is a symbol of the fact that man is still a herd animal. - Albert Einstein

Mar 5

Riding a motorcycle in the Bay Area is a joy compared to where I live on the east coast. It’s one of the dozens of reasons I want to move there. With lane splitting and traffic filtering you can get places in less than half time while back east riding a moto adds time as you are going no faster than the cars and you Read more

Mar 2

Love my Mk7.5 GTI but I don’t think I’ll ever buy another new GTI since they have gone “full touchscreen”. Never go full-touchscreen.

Feb 18

That would be decent looking... if it had some goddamn side windows.

Feb 8

I was signed out of my account but I signed back in just to make sure you got your star.

Jan 30

After compromising for a number of years with automatics it’s now back to three pedals. I realize that in a couple of years it might mean that I’ll be forced into buying only used cars. I blame all of you who buy paddle shift cars because “Dude, it is .04 faster from 0-60!”

Jan 4

I had a 1990 CB-1 which was Honda’s naked 400cc 4-cylinder that was a spry little screamer with a 15,000 RPM redline. I miss that little sucker.