Jul 20 2018

You come here to avoid politics but many posts here are how Trump is has started to fuck the American economy in terms of autos through misguided tariffs and sanctions on parts of the auto industry. Maybe you should head over to Breitbart’s car automotive “journalist” section for your news or grow a thicker skin.

Jul 3 2018

It’s like a 5 year old kid who has never seen an actual car was asked to design it.  

Jul 1 2018

What’s funny is Kim has (probably) honored more agreements in general than Trump has. The Hair Fuhrer won’t/can’t even pay his employees, one of the most basic of agreements.

Mar 26 2018

40% of GOP primary voters thought electing the poster boy for crony capitalism would be a good idea since he was a businessman, but neglected to look into how he actually ran said businesses. :(