Jun 1

I think we know who the “oppressed” one is, turdswallow. This is for you:

May 31

Hell they didn’t just put themselves in front of the police they attacked the police . 

May 31

The power imbalance between someone in a vehicle and a pedestrian is tremendous. In the case of the Brooklyn events, protestors faced down a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility, a vehicle that weighs in excess of three tons unloaded with more than three hundred horsepower under the hood. When aimed at Read more

May 31

What a load of BS. There is no one saying you don’t have the constitutional right to assemble - but that right can be regulated. For example you can’t assemble in the middle of the street and you certainly cannot assemble in front of a police car with its sirens on. That’s like saying you have the right to bear arms Read more

May 31

Way to distract from an important issue. Bring up a complete BS issue.  And you will note at least three of them have excellent views of what is in front of them. Read more

May 31

The police ramming these rioters don’t really bother me . There is a difference between protesters and rioters  .Protesters should be protected rioters need to be protected against . When a crowd attacks it can get real ugly real fast .

Apr 14 2019

Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat on that Kowakian Monkey Lizard bone. Now you take this back to you homestead, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a Corellian potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going.’

Mar 5 2019

In our Mercedes, it always automatically brakes when it sees a particular kind of lollipop looking bush on the side of the road, because you know, it could try to cross. Several near rear end collisions because of that. Automation can not be devised to understand the context necessary to function properly. I wish that Read more

Jan 2 2019

About your number one... The thing people don’t realize about the hydrogen fusion bomb - that if you put that same bomb into a container and detonate it under control to harness the energy, you actually have a viable fusion reactor with very little pollution. Its quite likely that the first viable nuclear fusion Read more

Jan 2 2019

You VASTLY underestimate the importance of refrigeration. It allows modern cities to exist, period. The number of people that can survive in any given area is limited by the amount of food that can be produced within a short travel distance. Refrigeration allowed for trucks that move food from further away, for stores Read more

Jan 2 2019

Zippo lighters? Really? All the things left off this list (vaccines? domestication of animals? paper? nitrogen fertilizers? the calendar?), and zippo lighters made the cut? Why?

Sep 3 2017

Ah, perhaps there’s some lost niche market just slavering for their chance to buy a “Pogrom 1500" or a “Smallpox Blanket GT” or the shiny new “Rapist SuperSport”. Read more

Aug 28 2017

I’m fascinated that you two have had, at minimum, one conversation about this vehicle!  

Aug 27 2017

Are his legs and arms broken or he just can’t swim? Saved his life? Dude is just sitting in his truck. Wut?