Aaron James
Feb 16

Going to very annoying having to stop for 30 minutes every hour and a half I don’t think anyone eats and sleeps every 1.5 hours.

Dec 4

Oh the humanity...  Hydrogen goes boom very easily, I do not see the general public getting on board with sitting their children on top of a literal bomb.

Nov 17

Some are 25 years old, they are on their 4th or 5th owners and are long past the point of having full coverage insurance. Not worth it to fix when the repair is more than value of vehicle.

Nov 15

I agree, A pillars are so wide now it’s crazy. as far as MPG goes, overall it’s much better now. yeah the the CRX got 45 or 50 mpg but it was super light and only had like 60 hp.  Look at HP ratings now vs MPG.

Nov 14

Having lived through it. I can tell you that cars now are waaaaay better in every way.

Nov 14

I don’t hate it at all. I wanted to hate it.  still hate the name though.

Nov 9

Can you imagine the absolute anarchy that would play out today on roads with no lane markings... 

Nov 7

I remember back in the day, playing this and having people ask if it was Nirvana,   it really could be.

Nov 7

the internet, social media, all of it is a giant cesspool of hate.  It’s at the same time the best and the worst thing to happen to humanity so far.