Mental Iceberg

Christ on a crutch, I don’t even know what “twee” means. Read more

$2.5 billion would make my me proud, and he’s a sailor! Read more

Sounds great except I don’t drive and Kerrygold is easy peaky for my boyfriend to pick up. Read more


Exactly. God damn, I hate that gargoyle that sleeps with a bucket of cold KFC chicken. Fucker. Read more

Wow, I’m glad their both okay! Read more

Yeah, this sucks though. But I can walk ok now ;) Read more

Yeah. I have no memory of it but I musta fallen on the right side of the skull who I caused swelling on the left side of my brain. Read more

Oh snap, I hope while you’re there you have a fantastic time! Read more

Ha ha ha, you guys are crazy. Read more

I would, too. I mean, really? Read more

I’d have fucked Mr. Burton. No shame. Read more

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna drop some acid for shits and giggles 😉 Read more

I’ve never personally (although I’m sure there are people who got twice as many) seen anyone with that many. Just glad 😁 I’m alive. Read more