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Apr 28

That’s the thing though, our plan can’t be to just wait for a vaccine, either. Vaccinating against coronaviruses is really hard and has never been done before. It might be possible this time, maybe, but it won’t be ready in 2021, the absolute best-case scenario is 18-24 months for full production, assuming no delays, Read more

Sep 22

Yeah it’s a pretty savage double standard. Cars can’t have roll cages but you can jack up your douche-dozer and put a humongous bull bar on it at pedestrian head height no problemo 

Sep 7

C’mon, these are cadets. Let them enjoy almost winning on a clearly delineated field before they hit the real world. It will be bad enough when the current class gets graduated early to invade Greenland and wherever it is that hurricanes come from.

Aug 13

If you want to hunt an animal in Missouri, you must attend a hunter’s safety education course and obtain a license, Read more

Jan 13 2019

The didn’t need to knock it out of the park.  They needed to get it into the park as quickly as possible.

Jan 7 2019

I don’t know man people just really like crossovers and thats fine. If you was trying to win over like the v60 the best strategy is to test drive the base XC40 and then test drive a loaded v60 the v60 is a more upscale car should have a lot more room and cargo storage but drive noticeably better. at that point the Read more

Oct 1 2018

dude if its in that good of condition KEEP IT. those are going to be harder to find and especially not beat to shit (mechanically at least haha)

Sep 11 2018

That’s a nice Drs office. I’d still rather stay here though

Feb 16 2018

The stupidest among us used to die at much earlier ages. Protecting morons from their own moronic impulses is a relatively recent concept.

Jan 7 2018

Well I do admit that I am more spirited in this cars than with others...

Oct 17 2017

As a resident of Columbus I bid thee farewell to the Crew. While they did have a loyal following, the stadium is more than adequate (though the parking situation sucks) and the games were entertaining, they are not THE Ohio State University football team. People here don’t care. Heck, no one cared about the Blue Read more