Jul 31

Men are a lot less likely to chat with female waitstaff when on first dates. And men are definitely less likely to chat with female passengers on the bus when with their girlfriends. Both of those are recipes for disaster for a man. Women do it more often. And men are more likely to put up with it. If a man does it, Read more

Jul 7

I’m a suburban, college educated, white woman in Arizona. Everything I have in common with McSally is in the previous sentence. I will gleefully vote for her opponent again.

Jul 7

The former astronaut whose wife was actually INTERACTING WITH CONSTITUENTS in Tucson at the time she was shot in the head. Unlike McSally, who literally spent an entire term hiding from those same constituents.

I can’t wait to not vote for her again.

Jul 7

I refuse to trust white women until they demonstrate by voting like black women.  Like Cassandra in the Homer’s epics Black women saw Trump was a flaming trash fire and voted for the qualified woman and like Cassandra our warnings were ignored because truth telling is not nice but it is necessary.

Jul 7

“I’m a suburban, college-educated woman, so this is my demographic,” McSally said. “I’ve given my life to serve others, to break barriers for others...” Read more

Jul 7

Martha McSally is going to be remembered as one of the biggest fails in Senate history. There hasn’t been a Democratic Senator from Arizona in 25 years, until Krysten Sinema beat McSally outright in 2018. Then Doug Ducey tried to make her feel like notaloser by giving her John Kyle’s old seat, and now Mark Kelly is Read more

Jul 6

I’m a Democrat and I voted for him twice (I was in my twenties then), but now I think he’s a rapist (I think Juanita Broaddrick told the truth) and almost certainly was involved in Epstein’s crimes. Plus which, in hindsight I see that what I thought of as just “infidelity” with Monica Lewinsky, which I considered a Read more

Jul 6

Cons keep thinking that Clinton is some sort of sacred cow to us the same way Toad Dick is to them (or pretty much any republican). The YOUNGEST person who could have voted for him would be 42 today. Half the population wasn’t even old enough to vote for him.
Read more

Jun 8

I get what you’re saying 100% BUT this sentiment will get teacher’s unions & other public sector unions throw underneath the bus and run over even MORE than they already have. Just sayin...

Jun 8

Pilots have a union, but I am pretty sure that their union doesn’t defend them when they endanger lives.

Jun 6

I played rugby for fifteen years, mostly as a prop forward.  I gave money to the Bail Project today.  I’d dearly love to have Tucker tell me to my face that I’m enabling rioters.  He’d at least need rhinoplasty.

May 28

“Stop sweet-talking [the white man]. Tell him how you feel.... [Let him know that] if he’s not ready to clean his house up, he shouldn’t have a house. It should catch on fire and burn down.”
— Malcolm X

May 13

One could argue actual children might have done less harm over the past three years.