Jul 7

Oh for sure. It's got a long history with deep and corrupt roots. The Other is the problem. That's how they get these dumb fucks every time, ad nauseum, etc. 

Jun 7

Carlson can’t play rugby cause he’s a whiny little snot. Carlson can’t play rugby cause he’s a puny little shit. Carlson can’t play rugby because he’s douchey little troll. “Jesus saves, Jesus saves, Jesus saves!"

May 13

I’ve taught third graders with better decision making skills, empathy, and general knowledge that might have been ok in the White House.

May 11

I am here for heidevotees. She was lovely and sweet. She’s my favorite queen of the season in awa pretty good season. I hope Crystal or Jada take it all. Gigi...is privileged. And that might score her a win.

Jan 26

Well. Good. I’m so glad Bolton gets his book money while aiding and abetting a known criminal. /s

Nov 7

Probably sell her to an old man, gross man for a lower price because she's damaged goods. 

Oct 11

This is the same school where a freshman swimmer texted her new roommate and asked her if she was *n*****ish* That special white friend got to keep her scholarship, got the nicer dorms, and not even a slap on the wrist. Read more

Jun 13 2019

First time I read your comment I thought it said, “the horse that rode in on her...” Either way, fuck that horse.

Mar 15 2019

Same! I like Shuga, Yvie, and Vanjie. Vanjie and Yvie are my top two right now. I can’t with Ariel or the other pretty one...Scarlet? Yeah. She’s a brat. I want to love Silky, but feel undecided on her. (Though I love her looks so far!) Some of the other queens are still too shy or not yet ready to be noticed. 

Jan 13 2019

Kara Brown already gave us the rules of shade. Many times. In court. Under oath. I miss Kara. She's great on Keep It. 

Jan 1 2019

Is it plexiglass? Bulletproof glass? What does he think this see through wall is?

Jan 1 2019

Why do we keep calling it a “see through wall?” It’s a fence right? Like, we are mocking him for the fact a see through wall is a fence and and not because we forgot it was a fence? The coverage confuses me and I missed the satire....