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I’ve rode an XSR for quite a bit as well. Very nice bike. I’ll say the seat issues other mentioned below weren’t quite as noticeable on the XSR. Not to say they it still wouldn’t bother you long-distance, but as a guy it wasn’t instantly noticeable that you had to have careful “jewel” placement.
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3:12 PM

While the 1200 Duc is a lot more bike, for the cost as well, I’d like to state that an exhaust and tune puts most FZ/MT-09s near 120 WHEEL HP and 70-80 ft.lbs of torque. Now this only means the short wheelbase and soft rear shock will be even more wheelie-favored, but a ton of people make suspension for 09s to suit Read more

4:14 PM

That list all has something in common for me personally. Every clown I know locally, who drive like completely douchebags leaving every C&C or car show, all drives one of the vehicles listed.

Seems like guys with Velosters, WRXs, G35/37s, 350Zs always try showing-out any chance they get. Logically, this list seems Read more

5:25 PM

This is literally a problem that almost every 4-valve modular Ford has ever made carries with it. From owning two 99-01 Cobras, an 04 Cobra, and a 2014 GT500, they all carry this curse. I think I’ve only met a handful of 4Vs that don’t tick, and most of them were extremely low mile garage queens.

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11:29 AM

Well, like the internet, there are always assholes out there. Don’t let them deter you from getting more engrained into the world of cars, especially classics. There are tons of people I’ve met over the years that have grown to be major influences in my love for cars and bikes. Just have to ignore all the rest. Read more

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I think you may have the wrong idea, although I wish it worked that way. In my experience, you can drive two of the EXACT same car and have two totally different experiences. Especially if we’re talking about anything 20+ years old. Now, if you’re trying to decide between a Bronco and an older Mustang, this point may Read more

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The bottom end of the car is practically stock Zetec. There are hundreds of guys that run Zetec and Duratec (05+) Foci for spec series or just cheap beginner race cars. That’s actually how my first ‘02 Sonic Blue ZX3 ended up. I had done every suspension mod you could imagine and then the guy I sold it to stripped it Read more

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I find this odd because mine gets 27 mpg while driving through downtown and I’ve yet to have to touch the t-stat housing. The butterfly valve motor did have to be rebuilt (although leaving it broke doesn’t hurt much outside the power band). Not all SVTs are problem-ridden. I’ve owned three over the course of the last Read more

11:50 AM

I would love to hear how this was measured considering a GTA’s cluster doesn’t even go above 100mph if I remember correctly. I went 176mph in my 700rwhp Cobra and even then I had to use my Garmin GPS as the cluster doesn’t go past 160mph. Still only guaranteed to be +/- 5mph at that speed.

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And again, to use statistics such as “virtually no one ever actually orders a car” is just pulling stats to validate a non-foundational point. Sure, if you compare the stats of cars ordered versus the millions of base Focus, Fusions, and F150 sales it’d be marginal. But we’re not discussing those vehicles. We’re Read more