Whoaaaaaaa.... I said Mustang not Camaro Read more

Hey Jalopnik, don’t shit where you eat. Most of the stories originate from Reddit. Yesterday’s Challenger-bro was an echo from Reddit. Take your licks and appreciate the candid feedback. Read more

The scary part is that there are actually people who genuinely want and believe that America should be similar to this. Read more

Don’t be so hard on Raph. He’s obviously upset. Read more

Fuck off dude. Yes, we all know Gawker is (currently) owned by a liberal, but keep it in your pants. I know liberals around the world don’t have much to be happy about these days, but this is a place people come to get away from politics and focus on our shared passion. Read more

...the thing where old scared racist people in the UK want to keep brown people out of their country and think that ditching the shitshow that is the EU is going to help them with that. Read more

I don’t think you understand how jokey blog comments work. Read more

WTF??!!!...Yet when WE ever mentioned it on your COUNTLESS articles (ads?), we were chastised for bringing up “old news”. Read more

The reason this is a thing is because, well, it's a thing.

Or what, you’re going to send AntiLag back to the greys like you did to me? All we want is to know why you fired Sean Macdonald, killed Lanesplitter and decided to announce job openings shortly after.
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This is some of the pettiest crap I’ve ever seen a professional journalist pull. “Bad commenters” = “Those who dare question our decisions” Read more

Tesla doesn’t sell to typical consumers, it sells to evangelists. That’s why they get away with selling a sub-par vehicle for six figures. These cars are about virtue-signaling, not function. Read more

I just keep thinking to myself “Dank wheelie!?...Dank fucking wheelie...kill yourself” Read more

Worst forum shit storm ever seen? Easy. Go to any thread on Gawker or Jezebel, make a comment where you might appear to not be a left wing liberal nut job. You could tell them the sky is blue. However, if they even THINK you are a Republican (even if thats not the case), not only is the sky NOT blue, but you are an Read more

I'd rather buy a BMW hooned by Clarkson than a Camaro driven by a Jalopnik employee Read more

Or angsty edgelord looking for validation from their equally childish peers. Read more