9:44 AM

Dude acet (Tylenol is what they’re talking abt) is considerably more dangerous in an OD situation than THC. Tylenol will ruin your liver and actually kill you. If you taken enough ibuprofen you can cause serious GI bleeding and an aspirin overdose will put you in a state of potentially fatal metabolic acidosis. Weed Read more

8:49 PM

well i don’t pretend to know what he, his parents, and his medical team came up with but they must have decided together that starting T was the right next step. T is irreversible. but so is suicide - which is what most trans kids see as the only alternative to transitioning.

8:48 PM

well no, puberty blockers are fully reversible. that’s the point... and if these kids weren’t making this decision, statistics show they’d be making the extremely irreversible decision to kill themselves. Read more

8:46 PM

they don’t make the decision alone - parental consent is required for any medical care if you are unemancipated and under 18. also im not a burner - my old screen name was associated with my real name and i’m in medical school so i had to clean up the online presence. Read more

1:58 PM

actually the evidence based and accepted treatment for trans kids are GnRH blockers to delay puberty so that kids and their families have time to make a decision. outcomes (suicide, physical changes) are better for people who transition younger than those who transition older. puberty blockers allow people to make Read more

4:23 PM

i’ve been in med school for 2 years now and routinely still mix up all the white guys. trevor? nick? nathaniel? i just don’t talk to them it’s fine whatever

7:04 PM

i was hungry but now i will never be hungry again. thanks.

5:51 PM

random internet advice - there are other groups than AA - SMART Recovery might appeal to you more. It’s less 12-step/higher power-esque. The other thing would be to ask your doctor about Naltrexone. It’s a medication that inhibits your ability to derive pleasure from drinking alcohol - some people find it helpful to Read more

9:08 PM

thank you for sharing your story and struggle. i’m currently training to become an abortion provider and it’s really amazing to be able to learn about your thought process on this. Read more

11:48 AM

why did you say HEAVILY accented? what does that have to do with anything? it makes you come across as kind of racist. just fyi.

9:40 PM

don’t put anything up your vagina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really don’t want to fuck up the pH and microbiota in there!!!!!!! please be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:23 PM

DO TEAL!!!! blue green is my favorite color and i think it looks pretty on everyone and it’s great for ombre and do it do it do it

10:48 AM

i’ve had paragard for over 3 years now. insertion wasn’t bad - a little cramping. i’d recommend taking ibuprofen ~30 mins before your appointment and keeping it on hand for after (or whatever you use for period cramps). i’ve never had kids and am a small person in general and i had no problems with insertion. Read more

10:12 AM

yea that bit about the “hypocrites in synagogues” rubbed me the wrong way too... i remember learning about a pretty explicit hierarchy of tzedakah where anonymous giving without looking for recognition is the highest form.

3:36 PM

my friend used to pull her hands up into her sleeves and turn to her parents and say “i can’t! i don’t have hands!” to get out of doing shit.

2:29 PM

yea i don’t know that much about the specifics but it is certainly faster to get a device approved than a medication in terms of trials and review panels etc. i don’t know how much faster, just that drugs take a long time to get approved. the FDA has so many problems though with oversight and decision-making around Read more

8:48 AM

has to do with training in pain management and pain med prescribing to help avoid additiction problems and also they may know more about other non-pharm pain relief treatments. it’s good that you have a pain specialist!!!!!