Zoran Djuric
5:34 PM

I think this place is awesome. I can only imagine what kind cars were being worked on in this shop. What kind of conversations were had. Read more

8:25 AM

Pretty soon we are going to see the Chevelle come back. As a mini van. These brands are all going in the wrong direction. All of these cars are being designed by people with fake degrees in finance. Read more

1:25 PM

Yeah. I personally don’t care if it’s discontinued. FCA has a problem making reliable cars. Period. Doesn’t matter if is an Automatic of Manual. The problem is American’s a very stupid. We have 2 hands. How are supposed to drive, text, drink our morning coffee, eat breakfast, brush our teeth, shave, put our makeup on, Read more

9:34 PM

That thing looks like it belongs in Stranger Things. As a monster.

6:56 PM

Jesus F’ing Christ. Do we need a Chrome Extension for everything? Good Lord. If you need an extension to tell you someone is shady, it’s WAY too late. Read more

9:13 PM

So if it is pronounced ness, why in your title is it written as NES? Should it not be written as Nes?

10:04 PM

It’s a Viper. It’s been discontinued 3 TIMES. For a reason.

8:28 AM

I’m a little less worried about Facebook and Google having my info. I don’t have anything sensitive or THAT private within those 2 sites. My problem is how much data does our government have on us. How much and what do they have???

9:37 PM

This means nothing coming from Mike, a career coffee boy. 1 ring he won as a Scout. The other ring he won during Deflategate, as a fluffer.

11:02 PM

So what you need to do is get the music in a digital format. Make sure is a proper format to work in your car, dump it on a flash drive and drop that in the USB port in your car. Hours of non-stop entertainment. I have 3 Flash Drive dedicated to audio entertainment for my car.

9:03 PM

I think I have the ultimate one. I was out with some friends. At the end of the night I dropped off my at his house that was about 3/4 of a mile away. I then pull away to go to the gas station about 1/2 a mile away. My car dies half way to the gas station. I put it in park, turn it off and start it back up. I pull Read more

11:08 PM

So if you put the patty on the bottom of the top bun where do you put the MAYO?

10:08 PM

So I live in Chicago. If I were to fly to Los Angeles I would have to stop about 6 times to either stop and charge the plane OR switch planes. 6 TIMES. You would have to go through Security Checks each time. Go to Baggage Claim to pickup my luggage, if made on the last flight and than on to the next gate. If’ I’m Read more