Comes a time.

There comes a time when a thing that was once yours isn’t yours anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault, that’s just the way the world works. Old blood rushes out, new blood rushes in, and things change. I think the worst thing one can do is to is to either rage against change or to try to move in a direction that one…


Overshadowed by the news about Prince’s overdose was the passing (on the same day) of another rock & roll legend, Lonnie Mack. He was a huge influence on several generations of guitar greats, most specifically Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mack’s collaborations with Vaughan created a later career resurgence for him as well.

End of days

Penny Dreadful season 3 starts May 1. In case you weren’t paying attention, Penny Dreadful is the best series ever in the history of anything ever, so shut up. You have just enough time to comfortably binge watch it between now and then, so go subscribe to Showtime or go steal it or whatever.