My friend had a Polo which DSG failed him. We don’t have much VWs here in Indonesia, so when one of our car hobby guys owned one, and the unit immediately failed in the hands of experienced and hobbyist owner, we know the car is simply bad. To be frank, our Polo is Indian-made Polo, which has notorious panel gaps Read more

I watched this movie back in Sydney, AUS 2008. Read more

WNBA is one of the example of how not to over-representate one demographic, despite all of them being minorities. It is dominated by toxic hetero-hating lesbians with strong bullying culture. The criticism on “toxic masculinity” rings hollow when they exactly copied masculine behaviour to win “respect”. So I agree Read more

You know, listening to this kind of backtalk is like listening to a millionaire crying for his lost free happy meal coupon. I kind of get it if the humble guy love McDonald’s so much despite being a millionaire, but not quite on the same boat with the whining. Losing $5 when you have millions is like immaterial in any Read more

I learned that the way you look for diversity is not by deliberately hiring unqualified minorities just to fill the quota. Read more

The irony being none of the UK team has visible non-white personnel. Read more

The side cockpit window is different from the windshield that it doesn’t have to overcome drag as much.
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A lot of simulator games badly simulates weight transfer, which often explains why this front engined car understeers a lot. It is also very rare to see lift off oversteer in the game, no matter how bad you set up the car. Read more

Yeah, parking a car into a box, or trying to drive on the lane is very difficult in virtual simulator. It is much easier to do that in real life. Track IR or multi-screen won’t help, since the problem is really in the feeling of the steering wheel. Read more

In today’s car equivalent, this is like cheapening of rear passenger cabin. Read more

Given the name of the car (Macan), Indonesia also smokes, perhaps the bigger in per capita numbers when compared to China. Among top 10 richest person in the country, 3 are cigarette manufacturers, including 2 among the top 5. Read more

His logic is quite reversed, but that is as expected as someone who has everything conveniently handed to him: he can afford being ignorant. Read more

Great article here. I agree on where the direction should go. But I don’t think self-driving car could be real in near future, unless we are looking at different solution than the LIDAR, which can be defeated by simple puddle sun reflections (which it confuses with lane markings).

Aviation accidents don’t end in “faulty parts” just like that.
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More cylinders means better heat dissipation. Read more

In just 1 month, my Toyota has a loose armrest. But, a WD40 job later, it works fine for the next 9 years (to this day).
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Where is the “star” button? Read more

They will be “locked” in position when extended, just like landing gear struts and compartment doors. When the engines were cut off or hydraulics failed, the landing gears won’t automatically fall down form its compartment mid-flight, because it would be very dangerous, should it accidentally deploy itself mid flight Read more

The best: Mazda’s classic take