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Marlboro Adventure Team: Weather Radio and Lit Cigarette Dispenser

3:52 PM

NASCAR has stuff that’s too similar and it’s rather boring to see cars that resemble nothing else in the real world, especially when they aren’t progressing technology. Read more

2:34 PM

If we did that and one of the three dominated then the other two should be left behind. One of motorsports’ reasons to exist is to push technology forward. I hate spec and near spec high level racing.

2:50 PM

This whole favored driver is why Sainz didn’t replace Ricciardo.  Sainz actually challenged Max when they ran together at Toro Rosso.  I would argue Sainz is proving his worth with McLaren right now.

1:04 PM

They’ve always had women and gay writers. In their heyday, the “Playboy Interview” was the gold standard of journalistic interviews. They’ve always taken liberal political stances (including on women’s rights and lgbt rights). The publisher was a woman for over 20 years (Christie Hefner). Read more

9:19 PM

Eh, for the inverse take... NASCAR pit stops are boring and a bit stupid because they’re a deliberate contrivance. There’s no need for them not to use center lugs other than a disingenuously performative “look at us we’re old school” moment. For a sport that has teams literally making body damage worse on purpose for Read more

11:18 AM

I agree, the manual (and auto) GT cars are actually acting like brand value advertising. You get all of these crazy passionate owners to buy a few and then they all go crazy trying to buy them from each other. Then when you release a new model, they all fight for the few again. Then when they can’t get the special GT Read more

11:18 AM

Oh yeah...when I read the story, it made me remember the old episodes of Beavis and Butthead. Specifically, when the Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice videos would play, and they would just look at each other, not say a word, and then change the channel. It’s more insulting to say nothing than to rip it apart.

5:43 PM

How do you know it wasn’t twin-turbo’d and supercharged, putting out 500 HP? Read more

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9:29 AM

Ferrari definitely messed up not to double stack under the safety-car, but what also should be mentioned: Red Bull’s beautiful demolition of Ferrari’s strategy by surprise-pitting Gasly early, right after his overtake on Vettel. Ferrari had to react by pitting their lead car out of fear of being undercut, and Red Read more

3:52 PM

Those series all include races long enough that the cars literally can’t complete the race without refueling. Refueling isn’t the answer for F1. The Schumacher era showed that. 

3:24 PM

I’d really like to see a ban on power tools during pit stops. You have to jack up the car with a hand jack, unscrew the lug nuts by hand, replace the wheel, and then use a hand torque wrench to replace the lugs. For maximum fun, mandate that a car can only have one set of wheels per race, so new tires have to be Read more

12:32 PM

Yet I can remember the endless complaining in Schumi era back when F1 had refueling that everything was always decided on the pits and we didn’t get proper racing on the track. Read more