Feb 24 2019

I’ll pass on this one. Counting down the days left until 2036 when I can legally import one of the 27 NG 9-5 SportCombis in existence to the US. Hopefully a few will survive.

Jun 18 2018

the hazard is caused by driving in a lane meant for passing.

Mar 11 2018

Completely agree. We’ve seen this move many times at St. Pete. Usually the outside car can give tons of room, they both survive and the outside car takes the pass back right in the next corner. It is a very unique situation that is a characteristic of only this track Read more

Mar 11 2018

Sorry Bradley I disagree that it was a dumb move. 3 laps to go on a restart you cover the inside line. It is very difficult for someone to go around the outside in turn 1 at St Pete. It can be done but its low percentage move. If someone is going to leave the inside open you are going to go for it. Read more