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The Chevrolet 4.2L atlas motor (LL8). Well not the most powerful in stock form, it gets the vehicle that it was put in (trailblazer and its many rebody/rebrands) up to speed nicely. It is also now being tested and shown how capable of a motor it is when some upgrades are done on youtube by Nivlac57 and the many drag

A girl from my HS was given a pink Hummer H2 from her parents because she wanted one for her “acting career”. The kicker, she never got her license (at least not before she graduated). Read more

https://tenor.com/view/were-all-gonna-die-atlantis-old-lady-militar-soldier-gif-7336049 Read more

2010 - $1.04L British Columbia (equivalent to $4.05 a gallon with exchange rates of that year factored in) Read more

I 100% agree. Love that track and its design Read more

What is your favorite concept car?
Mine is the Chrysler Me412. Read more

I feel as though the tires did more harm than good in this instance, maybe they should install safer barriers (walls used on NASCAR ovals) instead. Read more