RC Scherbatsky (Ms. Sparkles)
Feb 23 2018

I think Joe McGrath’s tirade from Slap Shot would be far more appropriate.

Feb 23 2018

The probable Las Vegas / Tampa Bay Stanley Cup Finals will probably be more than enough.

Feb 21 2018

She must be full of it, she claims she can do flips, backflips, 360s and 720s on water. That is highly unlikely as if you just peruse youtube you don’t see anybody doing maneuvers like that with water skis, I don’t think its actually possible...

Dec 3 2017

Count your blessings, at least you’re not an underage black sex slave who killed in self defense and now is in prison for life. Read more

Dec 3 2017

There is a difference between advising women not to let their guard down and saying that women who ostensibly have let their guard down are making excuses for fucking up when they get raped while their guard is down. Will I advise my daughter to be careful and not drink too much at parties lest she end up incapable of Read more

Dec 1 2017

Thank you!
I lost a friend to AIDS in the ‘80s. He’d been HIV+ for a while but the knowledge and the meds just weren’t quite there yet. If only... if only he’d not been infected for even just 18 more months... he might have caught the meds wave. Instead, he washed up on the shore. God, I miss him.

Alternately, I have Read more

Nov 25 2017

I really get the sense that this is Kim, especially after her robbery last year. It shifted her paradigm. I hope to see more of this from her, it would give me unending joy if Kim K turned out to be the fiercest advocate for powerless women and men in our generation. She could do so so much with her power and platform Read more

Nov 21 2017

I’m Mexican and American Indian and the first white thanksgiving dinner I went to I felt straight up cheated with the missing Mac and cheese + cornbread.

Oct 22 2017

George Michael’s grace and with when responding to fools, bigots and nosey neds was one of my favorite things about him TBH. His music is great, but I really miss his clapback.

Jul 8 2016

What up, fellow former Douglas County resident! I too grew up in Douglas County and do not understand how it (and Colorado in general) got so damn popular over the last few years. All I had growing up were chain stores and chain restaurants.

Jul 8 2016

Damn, that’s way out there. I keep looking around Aurora, mostly because I grew up there (K-12 all at Cherry Creek schools) so... Read more

Jul 7 2016

Denver is down right bananas I don't know how we got so popular (outside of legal weed)

Jun 23 2016

And speaking of friends, can we agree that her “friends” in the movie were kind of jerks ? The scene where they’re tossing her ringing phone around after she just handed out thousands of dollars of gifts. And the boyfriend ? All she wanted was a year. One year to commit to her job and he’s all put out about his Read more