Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead.
Yesterday 11:07AM

Why the need for this masturbatory moralization of comparing the western traveler to the locals?  Why is it a “vanity project?”  Sounds like the guy just wanted to have the adventure of a lifetime and to see the world, and worked/saved/planned and executed on that dream.

Yesterday 10:47AM

You come across as a total jackass, to be quite honest. Without knowing anything about the guy, I assume he doesn’t have a family to support, has an education that allows him to get a job in tech(?) to work and get paid well for 3-4 years at a time and to save up for these type of trips and travel as funds allow. Read more

Yesterday 10:32AM

Why make this comment without knowing the truth?  I could totally see someone scrimping and saving at a decent white collar job to afford to take a long trip like this living very basically out of their car.  I took a 39 day long cross country motorcycle trip back in 2008 (NY to CA and back) and the total spent on Read more

6/08/21 3:35PM

this smells, not of dead body, but of funny money.  Dirty money getting a bath in a Rolls.

6/08/21 10:49AM

So, Blue Lives don’t Matter now?

6/08/21 9:19AM

And then returned to the Capital that evening and still tried to vote against certifying a legitimate election. Right after they were about killed by their own people

6/08/21 8:38AM

And then refused to investigate, covered it up, and summarily ‘forgot’ anything ever happened in the first place. It’s a literal death knell for whatever slivers of Democratic integrity we were still pretending to have left. Read more

6/04/21 9:01AM

Does it look dumb? To me, yeah. But that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla— people have different tastes. The concern to me is safety. Read more

6/01/21 1:18PM

Given what I’ve read about how Amazon drivers are compensated (or not) and micro-managed, I’m guessing he realized he forgot to deliver a package and had to go back to deliver it, which probably gets him in trouble or costs him money. 

6/01/21 11:52AM

The only reason I believe in Hell is because I have to believe people like Jeff Bezos will end up there. 

6/01/21 11:31AM

Why is it so many people worship the rich? The cost of having billionaires like Jeff Bezos is thousands of people pissing in bottles in warehouses and overworked drivers like this guy. Read more

5/24/21 12:36PM

You know that antenna is attached to an F-150 and not a Tesla.  Right?  It probably comes with Calivin peeing on something sticker.

5/24/21 12:25PM

Rural AM radio? Yes, many things. Mostly the fact that it’s a bunch of ill-informed, angry, right-wing loons spouting conspiracy theories and other dangerous garbage.

5/17/21 3:42PM

This post paints a really bad picture without full understanding of how IT infrastructure works. When the good folks down in IT see an activity spike and files start becoming encrypted, they shut everything off in order to isolate the threat. It’s kind of like closing fire doors. Unfortunately this sometimes means Read more

5/13/21 1:40PM

It’s great to know that corporate america ripped the copper wiring out of the house to the point that a bunch of Elbonian hackers probably drunk off of several bottles of vodka managed to bring half the eastern seaboard to its knee, as a prank

5/13/21 12:57PM

The only reason this accomplished anything is because people are extraordinarily stupid. It would have been just a couple days’ delay on fuel shipments, but a million braindead hillbillies ran out and hoarded all the gas away, despite being told over and over again that any disruption would be resolved in a few days. Read more