Narelle Ho Sang
Sep 8

oh ho! Maybe I’ll check this out? Maybe I won’t. My favorite part of the UK Wallander was a young Tom Hiddleston rocking his blonde hair which just weirded me out.

Aug 26 2019

OMG, this is great and I can relate! My sister and I did play Overcooked 2 this year before Zelda. That was serious stress. I think I unconsciously pushed it down and out of memory. This article could have been very different... XD Read more

Oct 12 2018

I miss the 3D as well. Even though I wouldn’t use it on full, for 100% of the time I played a game, I enjoyed the depth it gave to some really great art backgrounds on some games. I think it was on Layton’s Mystery Journal that I lamented how much more brilliant London could look with the effect. Read more