I think it’s also fair to mention that it was also a product of the still tumultuous formation of the nation as we understand it today. They weren’t more than a generation or so removed from the Articles of the Confederation, manifest destiny was quickly reaching a fever pitch, and Texas was being Texas. At this point Read more

They sure as hell play a rougher style of Marco Polo down South than they do up here.

Saints fan here. It’s him.

If that is correct, then the car was clearly ALREADY IN THE PROCESS of pulling out and must have stalled along the way - anyone BUT an absolute moron would halt and give the mustang a chance to completely pull out OR go back in the space to allow oncoming vehicles to pass. Read more

I once got "chased" backwards down a hill by a kid learning to drive stick. A whole line of cars backing up a few feet at a time every time this kid tried to start off. It would have been annoying, but it was a sweet ride and his dad was pitching a fit in the passenger seat! Took him about 6 tries to actually move Read more

I’m not racist”? I’m not interested in allies who need their asses kissed 24/7. You don’t earn respect by simply saying that you’re not racist. That’s now how it works. Read more

That’s a hell of a Jump-to-Conclusions mat you’ve got there.

He also hadn’t tried his hand at professional football yet when he came out, so that’s pretty meaningless. He’s a great guy but he isn’t big enough or fast enough for proffesional football. People need to stop treating his cuts like a coded message for no gays allowed.

“Do you want a cookie” is maybe the lamest stupidest jezebel meme out there. Dude isn’t asking for cookies. If you can’t understand why he feels a need to state “I’m not a racist” on this site of all places, then you have serious problem with reading comprehension and communication in general. Read more

Sure they were. Many NFL scouts were questioning his size and speed while he was still in college.

Maybe I disconnected from the white hive mind, I don’t know... I don’t even know what you’re trying to tell me here. Read more

Or course, there will always be people who continue to use the term (willfully or otherwise). I fail to see how this bears any relationship to our individual choices not to contribute to, or perpetuate, this lazy and wrongful usage of the term. This is such an odd way of thinking, because people bandy about words all Read more

Ummmmm I think you are being very harsh. There are people such as myself who are genuinely interested in exploring the ideas of culture and race in society, and parallels to Jenner are not out of order. I am biracial with 3rd world kids. My experience of racism is no where near approaching that of black people in Read more

I guess the #notallwhitepeople thing is like the #notallcops thing right? It got turned around every time a cop did something illegal that got caught on film to highlight that maybe #notallcops but it seemed like #prettymuchmostofthecops. Read more

Telling people to die is not cool. Really not cool.

Then, may I invite you to The Salad Bowl? It’s a sub-blog run by POC for POC. Read more

I think the transracial/transgender comparison is silly, but the degree of essentialism I see deployed to argue against it is interesting.