Aug 13

Somebody just wants to watch you descend into madness, and they know exactly how to do it.

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Aug 13

I actually thought of this, it already has a Vader-ish look to it in XSE trim...

Aug 13

the veloster one might be closer to 25K after the wrap.

Aug 13

As much as I hate the 4-door lumpmobile Charger, even I have to admit it does a damn good job of impersonating a Stormtrooper with incredibly minor changes.

Aug 13

Seriously, they already take your license at 185. Anyone who tries I would say is crazy, but they’ll probably have a good time.

Aug 12

The rear may be perfect, but wait until you see the front...

Aug 11

More info! Porsche’s people told me there’s an air deflector you can activate manually to solve the wind noise problem, which I wasn’t aware of while driving the car, but could resolve my beefs with noise. (Regardless, I stand by my recommendation re: Do a thorough test drive if you want to buy one.)

Aug 11

Damn it Audi. Just sell the freakin’ hatchback in the US already. I would buy that S3 hatch right now if I could.