Oct 26

my 1987 944 Turbo. I DD’d it for years after finding something that was probably better invested in as a concours contender (10K original miles when I bought it in 2000) Read more

Sep 28

I’m 51. You would think that the lead designers at a company like BWM would be my age or older, not young kids. But I guess they are designing for people younger than I am - but that doesn’t really make sense as those kids can’t afford these cars, for the most part. Read more

Sep 26

White, silver, 3 greys, black, and Antimatter Blue is so dark that it probably looks black unless your truck is clean and in direct sunlight. That just leaves 2 reds, an orange, and a blue as the actual colours, not counting this new First Edition-only blue. How do they not offer a Bronco in yellow?

Sep 25

The world is falling apart and people are ordering uber expensive, one-off, rebuilds of their cocks that cost more than PPE for several major cities.

Sep 16

The Z Proto is SO MUCH cleaner all around, especially in the rear. The rear end of the 350/370Z has always been too bulky.

Sep 16

Seeing the Z and the Supra side by side really makes it obvious that the Supra is a bit of an overwrought mess. The Z is refreshingly simple and straightforward. I don’t care if it is a heavily reworked 370z. I like it. 

Sep 11

In a box somewhere I have one of the 1980s radio-controlled Audi Quattros from Radio Shack. I wonder if it still works or if it has fallen to an army of electrical issues. It looks like this:

Sep 11

For $60k I could get a new S4 that doesn’t have the questionable build characteristics of a SEMA car. Or, for less than half of this, I could pick up another 2013 S4 that doesn’t have the questionable build characteristics of a SEMA car.

Sep 8

Thank Larry Chen for those. He can make any car look that good. One of the best photogs in the business IMHO