Zach Noteman
Jun 5

I’d argue that Up is one of their most daring films because it manages to not have any real rules about how it’s world works, establishes nothing but Carl’s backstory, and we still buy it because it grounded itself so well at the start.

The montage is achingly real. Then, after grounding you, it increases the strange Read more

Jun 5

In the commentary, Docter talks about how he made sure there was no huge life-changing event that prevented them from ever taking the trip, and it was simply that “life got in the way” as it does for so many people. So we can identify with them even more.

Jun 5

FilmCriticHulk had a wonderful essay where he diagnosed the biggest problem with Hollywood screenplays today, as the fact that they assume empathy on the part of the audience. The assumption is that the screenwriters don’t need to give the audience a reason to care about the protagonist, because hey, if they didn’t

Jun 5

Yeah, Giacchino’s well deserved Oscar for this movie showed him making people cry with his LOST score was no fluke. Also one of the most memorable themes in a millennium where movie scores have moved away from memorable “themes”; I can recognize the theme from Up in the opening four notes of its melody.

Jun 5

I consider this the perfect example of *not* “fridging” a character. Carl’s connection to his late wife and their thwarted dreams is necessary background for the plot of the movie - a lesser film would have *told* us about it, but Pixar instead opted to *show* the hell out of it and communicate a lifetime’s worth of Read more

Jun 5

Pixar has made plenty of good movies since Up, but I still think Up is their magnum opus that they've yet to surpass.

Jun 5

I’m a film buff who will vouch for “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and most Terrence Malick movies any day, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t possibly my desert island movie. The beautiful montages that bookend the story and the hilarious movie that falls in between. It struck a chord in me. Read more

May 15

Cary Elwes must be a victim of Kate Beckinsale Effect. That dude should have been an A-list leading man, a star.

Mar 13

“It was also wisely cast with a lot of good character actors with interesting faces” Read more

Mar 13

I think my husband still has the flashcards I made for him somewhere. I’d offered them as a joke, but then he took me up on it, because he was nervous about doing the family holiday thing for the first time.

Mar 13

The single biggest key to My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s appeal is its sharp observation that when it comes down to it, there are basically only two kinds of families in the world—those with two first cousins and those with 27. So even though the movie digs into the specifics of the Greek immigrant experience, it’s Read more

Feb 15

Yeah technically the point of that was that she was just over the age of consent so it was legal. McCartney’s girlfriend when he wrote it was 17 and he was 20. It’s creepier out of context but considering the songwriter I don’t think it really is at all.

Feb 5

It’s kind of like a dog whistle. Once you hit 30 you can no longer hear most of these groups.

Feb 5

I’m only turning 30 this year and these lists make me feel so out of touch. I know maybe five of these artists, are these bands’ popularity regional or something?

Feb 5

I’m pumped for the new Tennis Guided By Voices, Tame Impala, and Soccer Mommy albums. Lots of good music out this month

Jan 24

I would argue that Rocky and First Blood are also like that in that people who grew up with the cheesy sequels don't realize that the original movies are serious movies about boxing and PTSD. Stallone basically went from being a potentially great dramatic actor to basically just being the forerunner of Arnie S and The Read more