Miata. No one left to judge me.

I think William Shakespeare would have enjoyed the romance of open-topped motoring. Shifting gears on B-roads through the UK countryside, full of sounds and fury signifying nothing but fun!

I love me some amber turn signals Read more

I like the way you think. A cultural exchange. If they want to load the back of the wagon with some Kolsch I would not complain, either. Read more

A red 2012 Saab 9-5 SportCombi

Would not exist without the BMW X6.

Dodge Stealth R/T

I would argue that the Ford Flex is an *extra* tall wagon more than it is a Crossover/SUV thing... Read more

Agree ....

And don't forget, somewhere they found a crate full of seventies Fiat reliability and welded that in too. Read more

TVR Griffith - arguably the most beautiful Frankenstein parts bin car ever made. Rover engine, rear lights from a Vauxhall Cavalier, ashtray (remember those) form an Austin Allegro, brakes from a Escort Cosworth 4x4, radiator from a Range Rover, and the sound of it from GOD HIMSELF.

Fiero is always the answer.

Posted this before...

I always thought the Honda Civic and Kia Forte looked very similar

I think it's fairly common knowledge, but 1st-gen Celica GT lift back and '69-'70 Mustang fastback. Especially the USDM Celicas with the tri-bar tails:

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