YSI-what can brown do for you
8/27/14 7:29PM

Meowington Hax. . . I am really confused at the name. Blah, whatever though. As long as it pisses off uptight Ferrari fans, than I guess I am a go with whatever he is doing!

8/27/14 7:12PM

Possibly, but nothing gets manly men car guys angrier than 15 year old anime girls on the side of powerful cars! It always makes lulz everytime, in a good way!

8/27/14 6:36PM

No I agree, Ferrari is being completely stupid. It is his car, and he can do whatever he wants with it. It is just that I am not a fan of his music, and this car just seems a bit too try hard. So i am doubley not a big fan. He should have gone 10/10ths and brought out the itasha. That would have really pissed some

8/27/14 6:10PM

I hate both of them, but deadmau5 is trying WAY too hard here. He should instead do GT racing and then make a racing livery out of the Nyan cat. THAT would be awesome. Read more