The way I see it, you’re hurtling through the air at high altitude with at least dozens of other people in a pressurized metal tube partially filled with jet fuel. In a country that not an insignificant number of people would like to see burned to the ground. I’d rather they make things a little inconvenient for us Read more

Wait, are you talking about the Texans not signing Kap last year? The Texans could’ve used Kap and it was incredible that they didn’t sign him, but they went 4-12, Kap wouldn’t have made THAT much of a difference. Read more

can’t believe you just assumed his gender Read more

Your mindset that “all white people are racists” even if it is true, does not help the goal of interracial peace. What about the white people that voted for Hilary or Obama? Are you going to group those people with the racist? That’s not very fair. Read more

I’m more and more convinced people don’t even know the meaning of “racist” anymore. Read more

Hey, it’s ok if critical thinking and fact finding is hard, I understand life is much easier when you don’t have to change lenses to find facts. It’s still lazy and intellectually bankrupt but I understand. Read more

Look out, we have the almighty arbiter of who is and isn’t a bigot right fucking here people! Glad you know so much about people you’ve never met but I guess it’s takes one to know one? Read more

This statement sure seems bigoted. Read more

So... If someone were to co-opt an Overwatch character and create a racist meme with it on 4chan, would the Overwatch League be forced to ban that character for being a racist meme? This is getting really out of hand. These posters aren’t racist just because they use a character that was co-opted by other people. Read more

Why is everything racist and offensive nowadays? 😒 Read more

Why shouldn’t we put Americans first before foreign citizens? Read more

As the other guy pointed out, people born here have citizenship and are under no threat. Read more

This. Holding 300 million citizens hostage for less than a million non-citizens is insane. DACA should be passed, but the entire country shouldn’t be fucked over if it isn’t. Read more

These are the Democrats who realized that they were elected to office to represent US Citizens first and foremost without exception, not the citizens of other countries that are in the United States illegally. I don’t see why this is problematic.
Read more

Stupid. Wow. Check and mate. Forest Service woodland firefighters are employed by the federal government. I’d call you stupid but I’m terrified you’ll one up me and call me stupid head. And you’re correct, latent racism is still racism. But failing to understand how to address it in a constructive manner makes you.... Read more

I hope he’s a troll, because at this point, I’m no longer willing to give the benefit of the doubt on any intelligence. Read more

There are literally DACA recipients in the US military and working government jobs, you racist sack of shit. Read more

I guess those people should have immigrated legally then. Read more

In other words, you felt peer pressure from a game and now want all of us to peer pressure gaming companies into making game that doesn’t peer pressure you back? Read more

Young man should continue this for a fee and turn it into a little business for himself. Teach him hard work and financial responsibility. He’s got a good momma. Read more