YoSup is in League with the Raccoon Menace
Oct 18 2017

Conservatives don’t support the troops. They love the idea of supporting the troops, but when push comes to shove, they will always prefer a dead “hero” to a live veteran.

Oct 18 2017

Now now... Who are you going to believe? A fallen soldier’s grieving family or a man with a history of lying and a documented history of attacking the grieving family of a fallen soldier?

Oct 17 2017

I did once tell a man who said, “What can I do to make you smile?” that, “You can stop telling women what to do with their face.”

Oct 17 2017

He wasn’t acquitted. They will retry him.

Oct 17 2017

Considering this is a group of people who had to have the meaning of unanimous explained to them at least twice in relation to a pretty commonly known foundation of jury trials, I’m not as surprised as I would be.

Oct 16 2017

“No one actually being held captive would do that.” Read more

Oct 14 2017

He’s President of the red part only:

Oct 14 2017

Right you are, but if I read a long article on documentaries about Marsha, then have to Google her to see what she did, that means I agree with NonServiam Ghost’s point that the reporting was messy. Inserting hyperlinks doesn’t mean the five Ws become optional.

Oct 13 2017

That page is filled with a lot of hateful quotes from the FRC, but this one...

Read more

Oct 13 2017

I think the issue is that we very much live in a time when trans people and people of color find that our* stories are being told by others, even as we are kept away from the opportunity to tell those stories and profit by them due to our gender identity or race. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a white man being Read more

Oct 13 2017

I disagree. The story is messy, and the reporting is messy. Take this piece of writing, for example, and tell me if you understand it: Read more

Oct 13 2017

Work? Shit. I was sexually harrassed by a teacher in high school, in 1994. Administration did nothing... in fact, I was punished for coming forward.

Oct 12 2017

Tsk, tsk. I want all the distraught straight men to know that many of us find penises beautiful to look at. Unfortunately for them, most of us are gay men. But I want them to know, if they’re sick of having their beautiful penises disrespected and laughed at, we’re waiting with open...arms.

Oct 11 2017

For what it’s worth, positive masculinity can be modeled in the presence of girls as well as boys.

Oct 11 2017

Their problem is they’re the type of person who thinks “ get a job” followed by their half-ass criteria is the answer to everything.

Oct 11 2017

Laws in Dubai are for the poor.

Oct 11 2017

Still better than this lol

Oct 11 2017

It checks out. I, for instance, have only been molested by one person. Terribly for me, she was the only molester in all of human history. I just had the misfortune of her being my babysitter. Accordingly, since she was the only one to abuse me, I’m the only victim of abuse and everyone else is a terrible liar. Read more

Oct 11 2017

Re: Ben Affleck - A Jezzie posted a link to this video where he’s groping the interviewer a while ago, and I have never forgotten it. All there for the world to see. The quality of this video sucks, so feel free to reply with a link to a better version if you find one.

Oct 10 2017

Duck measuring sounds quackers.