But have you had any class that taught reading comprehension? The issue here is that if you continually don’t like something, you don’t have to watch. “It’s not interesting”, “the sameness”, and “it’s NOT Succession  anymore” (which is nonsensical) aren’t critiques of any kind, they are juvenile statements of disgust. Read more

It’s not interesting anymore. It’s just more of the same. It has jumped the shark. It’s NOT Succession.” I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. If you think this episode - which was a masterful episode of television - “jumped the shark”, your application of the term is one I don’t recognise and certainly Read more

To be fair, when he was a teen he did trash Logan’s prized Ferrari. Read more

Come on. We gotta shout out Alan Ruck. He is constantly benched on the show, and he plays that need for recognition so beautifully. It feels like we all undervalue his work on the show, and this episode gives him a great ending to his season arc. Read more

In an episode filled with fantastic performances Culkin really stood out. His torment about what to do and who to side with throughout was conveyed perfectly and almost entirely without saying a word about it. Read more

In the very first sentence the article establishes that Marilyn Manson is in fact Brian Warner. Marilyn Manson is a fictional persona. Brian Warner allegedly committed these crimes. Therefore it is important to strip away the celebrity façade and reinforce the fact that it wasn’t an act.  It wasn’t part of a show.  Read more

Dennis - vaccinated because he is a hypochondriac Read more

I don’t care if there is a pandemic still going. You should read Station Eleven. Read more

So, basically, they’re trying to point the blame at the producers for hiring someone incompetent.
Read more

From what I’ve read of her, she seemed to have a very flippant view on gun safety, to where she should have never been an armorer. Now someone’s dead because of that flippant view. Read more

Yeah pretty damning when the statement your lawyers decide to release is “Our client did not know how to do their job responsibly” Read more

I guess I do see it that way - I was a faithful purchaser of R.E.M. records from Life’s Rich Pageant, which is when I discovered them (and of course bought up the preceding albums tout suite) right through to this one, which I liked a lot and still do, but something about it said to me “I need never buy any subsequent Read more

Happy to see this fine, underappreciated album get some love. My only complaint about it is also sort of a compliment. It’s frontloaded and starts to feel sort of thin toward the end. But since it’s very much a road album, literally made on the road, it actually seems appropriate that as it goes on you get this sense Read more

This was annoying to me, because we’re seven episodes in and it felt like it spoiled the end for me, but also it wasn’t really funny beyond “hey we’re referencing a thing” Read more

The real squid game was the friends we made along the way.
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It’s a great scene. I’m still watching through the show (currently on episode 7), but man, some of the later games are heartbreaking. Read more

You don’t know what you’re looking at. Watch the show, it’s worth it. Read more