The leather and aluminum on the S2000's shift knob has been scratched up since I got the car. I’m generally OK with patina and not super anal about these things, but the central location and the fact that it’s the first thing I see getting in has always bothered me.


Detailing imminent

I’ve been on the fence about how far to go this year, but I just YOLO’ed about $400 worth of polishes & whatnot, including a Porter-Cable and accessories. Eager to see the extent to which I can correct some hazy clear coat on the S2000, along with the usual swirls and scratches. Too bad the repaint on the front bumper…

Spring maintenance

Ahhhh finally... got my new tires and lug nuts on, after an oil and brake fluid change. Nice to actually scoot around corners hard under power and feel some understeer, instead of immediately losing the back end like with my crappy old all-seasons! Next stop: incremental hardcore detailing. This car is filthy.