Aug 1 2016

When Codemasters got the license in 2009 they were marketing it as “realistic.” And then they had so many design features that were outright mis-represented. And the game felt dead on a steering wheel because of the games predictive steering (necessary for a controller, but not, you know, for an actual steering wheel).

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Jun 7 2015

I’ve always known that hope is full of shit. But then, I’m a Tottenham supporter.

Jan 1 2015

Buckeye fan here, my favorite thing to complain about is the relatively low lifecycle of a new pair of socks. I mean really, after about 3-4 washes they're no where near all fluffy and soft and can't be worn anymore. I just find it terrible.

Nov 4 2014

Colleagues of mine live in Geneva. On Sunday nights they used to invite me to their Pol Pot Luck dinners.

Aug 7 2014

I can't believe people still think this bullshit is funny. It's not funny at all. It's fucking childish and juvenile. I just want to select my favorite football boys to play on my imaginary team in peace for fuck's sake.

May 24 2014

I can identify with Rosberg's situation. My wife has been investigating my pole-grabbing as of late.

Mar 20 2014

Who retweeted what being news must mean I'm in some sort of special level of hell.

Jan 27 2014

Wow, she went with the Detroit mullet: vacant, graffitied business on the left, overgrown disgusting piece of property on the right.