Yes...They Are Real!
5/11/20 8:51PM

Ever heard of something called morgellons disease? I know it's an old post. Figured I'd ask still. 

4/09/20 3:54AM

I didn’t heed everyone’s warning to avoid Jezebel’s comment section re: Black hair care during the era of COVID. And lived to regret it. I refuse to make the same mistake again. I don’t need another brain aneurysm.

4/07/20 7:01PM

I think it’s safe to presume that you haven’t been policed by society at large based largely on how your hair naturally exists.

4/07/20 6:56PM

I heard on the root that the comments here were bad. Was warned to stay away even. But damn!

4/07/20 12:20PM

I’m skeptical as well. But lets say this does work. People are still ignoring the fact that there are serious side effects with this medicine.

4/05/20 8:49PM

Should add that this doesn’t apply every single time. Apparently some trolling blobs of mayonnaise assumed I meant it’s racist every time the word is used. Which would be ridiculous. Obviously context matters. Read more

4/03/20 1:39PM

When talking about the way a Black person speaks, Whites will often say coded language such as “(s)he is so articulate”, (s)he is so well spoken”. Language that’s rarely ever used towards their white colleagues. Read more

4/02/20 5:04AM

I have two family working in healthcare. They are running very low on masks. Rationing one per shift, Not matter what. And they risk completely running out by next week. So I decided to find sewn masks as a backup. Read more

3/30/20 8:42PM

Not gonna even pretend to be familiar with his early music. I was born in the 80s, and Sinatra just isn’t my thing. But I can at least recognize that Quincy has talent that transcends time. Read more

3/30/20 10:20AM

It’s weird how after not thinking about something for decades, when you hear or see it, and it’s suddenly triggering with a flood of memories, good or bad. In this case, it was a good trigger lol. Read more