Jul 9

Yeah, this was indeed a huge mess. I hope that better measures are in place for COD 2020, assuming there is crossplay and Warzone integration.

Jul 8

I get upset with people. I don’t yell at them from across a restaurant, and I certainly don’t even mention their race, because it’s not relevant. Read more

Jul 8

This guy is like the real life impersonation of every troll I’ve dealt with in the darkest corners of reddit and online gaming

Jul 8

Does it matter one bit that he said he was remorseful? He’s remorseful it was recorded. He’s remorseful he may suffer a financial impact. I don’t believe that he has any remorse at all for what he said. Read more

Jul 8

Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t play the I-was-drunk-I-don’t-actually-believe-those-things card. 

Jul 8

Exactly. If those words and phrases didn’t exist in your normal conversational loadout to begin with, you wouldn’t be able to just cavalierly fire them off like that.  Clearly, this asshole speaks like this on a regular basis.  His excuse is bullshit.

Jul 8

That dude looks like the type who has company board meetings at a local strip club.  

Jul 8

Dude...shit opinions like that are not something you need to ‘control’...why the fuck are they in your synapses in the first place.  Hope all those ‘Asian’ companies you rely on to run your business fuck you over.

Jul 7

The last good Final Fantasy game to me. (if you don’t count the MMO games)

Jul 6

HR is very competent in this scenario, considering their job is protecting management and management seems to have gotten away with a ton.

Jul 6

The thing is, after reading all that about how HR is incompetent and too cosy with management to do their job proper, that people use drinking culture as a promoted perk and as the source of gaining promotion, that victims were encouraged to remain silent is that the only thing that sets Ubisoft Toronto apart from Read more

Jul 4

No, that’s what private matches are for. I would never attempt any of the EEs in public matches LOL

Jul 3

Truly, this.  Without a gun, she still could have gotten all the yelling in that she wanted and not be seconds from killing someone.

Jul 3

Don’t you at least feel lucky that you haven’t had that happen though? Read more

Jul 3

I'm a runner. If I'm running through a crosswalk and a car cuts me off in the crosswalk, I'm definitely slapping the car (I'm kind of a dick like that. Also, give runners and pedestrians a break). By these standards, I should have a gun pulled on me roughly a dozen times a year. These people aren't willing to state Read more

Jul 3

If she hadn’t been carrying a gun, she wouldn’t have reached for a gun to solve a dispute. Guns don’t make anything better, they make people’s bad moments worse.

Jun 29

What is it with living in prolonged luxury and decadence from wealth that it gradually turns you into a monster? Read more