2:45 PM

Unfortunately, I’m packing for a move this week, but as I’m moving out of a shared apartment with my (now-ex-) girlfriend and back into my own pad, I’m starting to research ways to display my game collection in my own place. Those Etsy end labels for N64 carts look nice in particular, I still can’t believe that

12:07 PM

“Vice President, what are your feelings on reparations?”
“Triple money to schools! I was married to a dead teacher! Black parents need to be shown how to put a record player on at night so their kids hear more words.”
Centrist third way: That’s MY President. 

11:01 AM

While I respect Biden’s career-long strategy of affably standing near more accomplished people (it’s my only skill as well and works great!), you have to recognize that it does not prepare you to lead. The softening of his brain seems to have made him forget the point of it all.

9:31 PM

They only realized what kind of game they were making at E3 2017 and even after that they still had issues with decision making all the way up to late 2018... IT was all there in the article that Jason wrote. In the end it wasn’t about bad engineers, developers or bad art, game design, anything really. It was about

7:15 PM

Fortnite, Warframe and Rainbow Six: Siege all survived so-so releases to end up thriving

1:33 PM

Especially when the key line was ‘hundreds of his fans went into conspiracy theory mode’ when the dude has like over a million followers. So he allows a marginal amount of people to decide what he should or should not do. It either proves he’s an idiot for not understanding the followers he could gain from this act

1:32 PM

The piece you’re missing revolves around a not insignificant portion of his fan base going full fucking Pizzagate over this shit—which should tell you a lot about that portion of the fanbase, and something about the man who caters to their whims.

1:22 PM

Nope, I think that pretty much covers it.

1:07 PM

I … I don’t understand...
- dude makes anti-Semitic jokes
- dude gets shit for it, rightfully
- dude says he’s going to donate to ADL as a way to take responsibility
- some idiots on the internet don’t like this
- he decides not to donate to them, as a way to... take responsibility??

I feel like I’m missing a piece of logic

5:20 PM

Of course they are a transportation company. Where they get their money from is much more important than how they accomplished that goal. 

4:41 PM

While we are at it, can we enact another law that will force UberX drivers to have at least a year of city driving experience before allowing them onto city streets? 

2:29 PM

The main point is that Paul is an insufferable dickhead and people should seize on any opportunity to mock or insult him. This is a perfectly decent one.

11:02 AM

I remember the 7-layer burrito as one of the first ‘outrageous’ Taco Bell introductions years and years ago. I seem to recall liking them though haven’t had one in probably almost 25 years. Lunch is in an hour...maybe I’ll have to remedy that.

10:31 AM

Right-wing Christians are frequently the most un-Christlike of anybody. There’s more positive healthy useful and actionable modern-day life lessons in a random episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood than there is from a random book of the Bible.