If you never test people for covid, then the case count falls to zero. Read more

Once again, insurance companies do not give a fuck about politics. All they care about is math and money. If the math doesn’t add up to money, they will go do business somewhere else. If the practice ESG or believe in diversity, it is because those things make them money, not because they are being run by “woke Read more

Actually more like “well, this definitely isn’t the consequences of my actions!” Read more

Sorry broseph, but those ‘other parks’ have diverse employee bases as well AND Disney does have slightly larger brand than most of the others (combined). So, good luck in your objective to rid yourself of the Mouse’s House, but don’t be sad when all you’re left with is termites... Read more

That’s not how it works though. Whatever his MI6 rating is, it has absolutely no bearing on his rank in the Royal Navy.
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100%. He’s a Commander (04) in the Royal Navy in peacetime. That’s a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. My dad didn’t make 04 until he was 45 years old and graduated from the Air War College (Air Force). Granted, he was army, then college first, but there are very few peacetime 04s under 35 you’d think.
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I sort of agree in that casting the role too young would make it seem chronologically impossible for the character to be experienced enough to be plausible as a double-0 , unless MI-6 is going to go full Jedi and start training agents when they’re still toddlers. Read more

If you think Walmart is the pinnacle of weird, try going to an entomology conference.  Read more

I mean...I know Wal-Mart is already an emporium of weirdness, but can you imagine being in the store, and some random dude is just walking around carrying a giant-ass bug around while he picks up a loaf of bread or whatever? Read more

You really can get everything at Walmart.
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Looks like an Eastern Dobsonfly.

No, I’m not an entomologist, I just Googled “flying bug with large mandibles” and it popped up immediately.
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Will Smith was the monster all along. Read more

The ending wasn’t controversial, but that sticker made you buy the bluray. So it did its job...
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Along with “political correctness”, it just means “anything I disagree with”. Read more

I don't agree with their shitty conservative beliefs, but I will say that I wouldn't touch anything made out of Nature's Worst Vegetable strictly because I value my own tastebuds.  Read more

I have a nice collection of old Kodaks. They don’t take crappy photos at all. Read more

I’m still not convinced anyone has managed to explain to him how Twitter actually works. It’s obvious he still has no idea what he’s doing. Usually, when trying to do new features, you have a meeting and throw out hairbrained ideas, then narrow them down to the best and most practical. He’s just throwing out Read more

Escape from Mar-a-Lago

I would be okay with them re-purposing/tweaking one of the better lines of the original:

“I’m the President!”
“President of what?”
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