10/29/19 1:59PM

You’re absolutely right. They got me with that line and I probably should have done things differently. However, at the end of the day I managed to get out of a bad deal by getting into a different car when the opportunity came up. I mean paying 1.5x the price for a GTI wasn’t a really good idea. Read more

8/20/19 4:14PM

Cracked black pepper Triscuit is the pinnacle of snack food achievement.  

6/20/19 11:08PM

“The clear implications of Billups’s statement is that players who did not have two parents in the home—like, for example, fourth-overall draft pick De’Andre Hunter—were not raised right.” Read more

6/06/19 8:55AM

How dare you besmirch the name of Shaq? He’s hustled at least twice. But you’re right, if he did it more then the NBA would have learned its lesson. Like the Suns bench did.

5/21/19 4:52PM

Not sure Christ really cares much about gold medals. He got hung up on some silver, though.

4/18/19 3:49PM

Attacks by captive orcas have happened, but those are justified IMHO.

4/15/19 12:23PM

If by fell apart you mean “number one ranked golfer in the world with 8 wins in 2012-2013,” than yes, you really nailed this one.

4/15/19 12:09PM

Dude!!! No it didn’t. Do you just ignore the fact that he was playing well again and likely well on his way to winning more majors back in 2012 & 2013? And that it was the injuries that really caused his career to be in jeopardy? Or do you just want to keep grinding your axe here? Read more

4/15/19 11:38AM

I keep seeing everyone posting this “self inflicted” bullshit, but was it really? Yea the shit with the women and his marriage happened but that was 11 years ago. The guy had essentially already come back from that. He didn’t win a major but he had a few years where he won alot. I think he was the player of the year Read more

3/13/19 4:37PM

But it wasn’t as muscly as something like a Camaro, nor was it as daring as something like a Toyota Celica Supra or a 300ZX. The Laser didn’t really make sense. Read more

3/13/19 2:29AM

“My question is totally not about cum.”

“My question is totally not about cum.”

3/11/19 7:08AM

Everyone knows how HIV and AIDs works. You’re just too young to remember a time when AIDs jokes were all the rage, or maybe even a time when jokes were all the rage??

2/27/19 12:00PM

Trump backed out of the deal in 2014 saying “Why would I pay hundreds of millions of dollars for an EJ Manuel?  Bob Kraft told me there is a place in South Florida that will do it for $100.”

2/05/19 12:21PM

It actually is smaller than the 3. It is narrower and the 3 has more room in the back. I have a 3 hatch, not upset I didn’t get a CX3