Jan 12 2018

I mean to be fair, Fish Guy would think Cat Singular is a small snack and proceed accordingly, so really it’s anyone’s game.

Jan 20 2017

What a ghastly image! I have to read this! (Super off-topic, sorry!)

Nov 7 2016

The part of me with the nearly three decades of crippling ophidiophobia is like

Jul 1 2016

I hate how much I love it. It looks like a theme park though... or a restaurant. Not a place I could comfortably fart around 10 hours a day.

Jun 19 2016

This story (whether it’s true, embellished, or 100% lies) sent me down a wormhole at the website for Howling Woods Farm in New Jersey, a sanctuary for rescued domestic bred wolves and wolf-dog hybrids that I’ve been aching to visit for like two years now. Check out this SAVAGE ATTACK:

May 17 2016

Re: the Dream Nightmare Team Dourtney: I thought they had broke up? Or was that just a hopeful fever dream? Read more

May 4 2016

Those dance parties sound amazing! Any chance you’re located in New York? ;O

May 3 2016

Man, I’m gonna be in the minority here, but I thought the video was cute. They look like they’re having fun. I know I look like a jackass when I’m dancing. Except I have rhythm and I make it look good lololol. B)

Mar 4 2016

Thank you for introducing me to Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. I’m an assistant in a personal injury law firm and this just made my morning.

Jan 23 2016

Veeeeery tempted to name a roach after my ex. But send myself the chocolates.

Jan 5 2016

Is no one going to mention that there was already a movie? A damn good one albeit very VERY (and understandably) depressing. Black Venus.