Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia
Jul 13 2012

Less than twenty-four hours into the Steam sale and I already picked up Terraria, Saints Row the Third and Legend of Grimlock... Grimrock. Hell, I've bought a game I don't even know the name of. Its going to be a long two weeks.

Jul 5 2012

I'd be curious as to how feasible it'd be to get PSN games onto the Vita. I have no idea how different the architecture is between the two systems, but my completely uniformed instinct tells me it should be possible, given the more modest nature of downloadable games. I think it would be such a boon to the Vita to Read more

Jun 28 2012

I've just returned from the future where Gawker media's commenting system is in the form of a nano virus that infects the viewer of the post with a bio-algorithm that unfolds the entire original poster's experience leading up to the stated opinion. If you want to reply, you must enter a bubble universe where you take Read more