Enoch Kim

The article writers don’t like it either. Kotaku writers vs. Kotaku owners is an ancient ongoing war.
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I don’t want GameStop to turn around, I want them to go away. If your business can’t succeed without exploiting your workers then your business does not deserve to succeed. Read more

Your two sides are a hellishly dystopian mega corporation, or literally the fourth reich. Nazis are always the worst person(s) in the room.
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We can’t keep supporting old hardware forever. It’s time to let the PS4 die so that the PS5 can fully remakes of gamecube and PS3 games. Read more

probably an equal amount of cocaine though Read more

A movie about an urban legend?  Meh, pass.  Cocaine Bear had more truth to it than this one. Read more

As someone who worked on it... I’m happy you finally gave it a real chance and got some enjoyment out of it. :) Read more

It is entirely accurate to state that. The entire justification for things like the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida, and the “trans children indicate parental abuse” bullshit in Texas is this inflated fear over “groomers”.
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Now this is the kind of content for which I come to Kotaku. Read more

but I wish they would see the value of the games crit ecosystem as not so much an extension of their own PR efforts to be gamed for positive buzz, but as a place that lifts up the medium of games as a whole by taking them seriously.

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Unfortunately, the fool in question is an attorney. Read more

Dude, he just wrote the article, don’t shoot the messenger. Read more

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Cuts should *ALWAYS* start from the top. If something is going wrong, it’s *ALWAYS* the CEO’s fault. Their job is literally to anticipate problems and stop them before they happen. So if something is going wrong, the CEO has failed spectacularly at their job. They should be the first to go. After all, the reason that Read more

People aren’t “looking for reasons” to be angry. People are rightfully angry over transphobia, and this game is based on the franchise created by one of the world’s most visible transphobes. And fuuuuuuuuuck you and your stance of “ignore it and it’ll go away”. That’s not how social change works. The trans community Read more

I just don’t get how a website exists only for artists, fucks artists over then wonders why the artists got mad? YOU HAD ONE JOB, LOOK AFTER THE ARTISTS! Read more

See, this is why I do all my insider trading the legal way: following Paul Pelosi’s investments. Read more

“The rich are continuing to be among the cheapest.”

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Y’know, I was actually just replaying a bit of EA’s Return of the King and it got me thinking that it was always really weird that Aragorn had a special finisher where he walked up to a downed orc, swung his sword like a golf club, knocked the orc’s head through the air into a hole in the distance, and then turned to Read more

Why are the Yakuza games headlining this article instead of Powerwash Simulator, one of the greatest games ever made in the history of the medium?  Read more