As a millennial desensitized by modern lights and Michael Bay explosions the movie Bullitt doesn’t really do it for me.

This is a post about a tool someone has created to help optimize those donations. Considering a lot of people are donating to the ACLU right now, it is a topic worth covering at Lifehacker, and considering it’s about money, it’s fitting for Two Cents. If you have any tools you’d like to see covered that do the same, Read more

There’s a sticker on the dash warning you not to floor it. Read more

From the comments in the first article you linked to: Read more

If the ACLU does not protect the rights of a conservative agitators to speak at college campuses and not condemn the actions of those who riot, then they are not worth donating to.
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Justice is served!

Was there a big aftermarket scene for VW diesel cars? Read more

Do you really have to be careful with vegetable serving sizes? I feel like most vegetables are nothing but good for you, so why not eat a lot of them if you want? Read more

Corvette Summer Vette was wayyyy wilder (and gaudier) than that one

$250k 1980 Corvette

If by “obscure” you mean “front page”, then yeah, I could see how it could get missed. Read more

C’mon, Lifehacker, you’re better than this. Read more